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Contractors choose EZ Street Cold Patch for Road Repair, Pavement Repair and Pavement Maintenance

EZ Street is hot stuff in an easy-to-use cold mix. Consisting of choice ingredients, EZ Street’s cutting-edge methodology creates a strong technical backbone.

EZ Street is used in places like potholes, utility cuts and small overlays. It’s permanent and it’s guaranteed. Try it once and you’ll be back for more!

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Compact with a shovel, hand tamp, or wheel rolling with a vehicle will suffice. Potholes begone!

Pothole-Pothole Repair

Overlays & Edge Repairs

EZ Street cold asphalt can also be utilized as a permanent overlay material if proper installation procedures are followed.

Overlays & edge repairs

Utility Cuts

EZ Street cold asphalt can serve as a permanent trench patching material for utility cuts. Trench repair has never been so EZ!

Utility Cuts & Trench Repair

Manhole & Water Valve Surrounds

Use around Manhole covers, water valves, drains, and catch basin grates.

Manhole & Water Valve Surrounds

Cold Patch Paving & Asphalt Patching Projects

The EZ Street Team shares stories of EZ Street Cold Asphalt solutions across the country and the world! Read detailed accounts of how EZ Street Cold Patch successfully patched potholes; filled in utility cuts; repaired the asphalt around manhole, sewer grate and water valve surrounds. EZ Street Cold Patch has also been employed in specialty applications such as the Golf Cart Paths at Alamance Country Club in Burlington, North Carolina.

EZ Street Cold Patch Users

Federal Agencies, Departments of Transportation, City & State Agencies, Airports, Military Facilities, Golf Courses, Schools, Commercial Parking Lots

EZ Street Cold Asphalt is available nationwide

Packaged and Bulk Asphalt

Plant Pickup Points – Bulk and Pallets

EZ Street has pick up points for bulk and pallets of bags across the country. We can ship to anywhere in the US and Canada. Click here for more information on where to get EZ Street Cold Asphalt. EZ Street is available internationally as well.
Visit EZ Street Global for more information.

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